Corporate – Lunch with Divine & Delicious


Are you responsible for organising health and wellbeing talks?

  • Most corporates have duty to fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives so are looking for interesting ways to do this.


  • Unhealthy staff tend to be less motivated, have more time off, and achieve less at work.


  • Some nutritional education talks can be boring, not properly researched, unpractical and go unheeded by the attendees. Which means wasted time, money and energy all round!



This is why I created Lunch with Divine & Delicious…


  • 60 minutes talk on a well-researched, informative, topical nutritional subjects, including Q & A. 
  •  Here are the headings for the talks I currently provide, they are designed to be taken alone or as part of a wellness program – each talk builds onto the next giving your staff good practical advice and up-to-date nutritional knowledge, recipes and meal plans. They are easy to understand and short in duration which makes them easy to implement: 
    • How to eat well when you are crazy busy
    • Stress-buster
    • Revitalise
    • Rejuvenate


  • Healthy and delicious packed lunches for each attendee.
  • PDF with all the talk information with meal plans, recipes and shopping lists.
  • 50% discount for a nutritional health review and follow up worth £100.


2cv-logoSam’s talks are very popular and always highly anticipated. Sam comes across as very knowledgeable and full of nutritional information and advice. She conveys all this in such an easy to understand, practical and engaging way that you feel motivated to improve the way you eat straight away. In fact Sam’s freshly made pack lunches give you a brilliant example of how tasty healthy eating can be and her recipes encourage you to start improving the way you eat at home. We are looking forward to have Sam back with more insightful information, tasty recipes and fantastic lunches soon! Elisa Zen, L&D Consultant, 2CV Research


How will this benefit your business?


  • Well informed staff that actually enjoyed the lunchtime wellness talk
  • Staff that are healthier, more motivated and are more productive at work
  • Staff that are inspired to put the information and practical tips into action and generate well-being at home and at work.



Talk only £250 (includes travel within London) 


Delicious individual super healthy packed lunch £10 per head (minimum 20 people, plus delivery) 


Please contact Sam on or 07908622390



For 15 years I have worked as a personal nutritional chef to celebrity clients in the music and fashion industry. I am also a Registered Nutritional Therapist and specialise in women’s health, digestive issues and ancestral nutrition. I have a BSc in Food Science and Nutrition and an MSc in Nutritional Therapy so I know a lot about food! I believe that healthy food is crucial to our energy, health and well-being, but as a busy professional & mum of two, I am well aware that time, motivation and skills are an issue for some. That is why I am dedicated to helping people achieve their health and well-being goals through great tasting, nutritious food that is super quick to cook!






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