MSc Research Project

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More women are delaying childbirth for many reasons, such as advancing their career and accessible birth control.  As there is a decline in fertility after 35 many women are concerned about certain lifestyle factors, including nutrition that may affect their chances of getting pregnant, having an event free pregnancy and a healthy baby.


Are you interested in nutrition for pre-conceptual care or involved in a pre-conception care programme that includes nutritional approaches to help prepare for pregnancy?


  • Are you aged between 35 and 45 and actively trying to conceive?


  • Would you like to participate in a research study involving women aged 35-45 who are actively trying to conceive?


  • Do you live in the UK with access to the Internet and a computer?


  • Could you give 45 minutes of your time for an on-line interview?


If so please apply here: and a Participant Information Sheet and Participant Consent form will be emailed to you.


N.B. This is a research project for MSc in Nutritional Therapy at Westminster University. The work is conducted under supervision. Ethics approval number: VRE 1516-1348