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 Self-Care Through Food Series


 ‘Every Day Detox’ Nutritional Cookery Workshop

T.B.C ,  10am – 3pm

  • Over indulged at Christmas?
  • Diet ‘de jour’ has failed?
  • Can’t shift those stubborn pounds?
  • Still feeling low and fatigued?


Then you need a good old fashioned clear out! Learn how the basics of how body detoxifies, how you can help it by making positive food choices, cleaning up your diet and being mindful of environmental factors. Join me and feel brighter and lighter for spring.

Divine & Delicious will be hosting an interactive nutrition and cookery workshop which is part of the Self-Care through Food Series. This workshop will provide you with all the tools you need to make INCREDIBLE CHANGES to the way you cook, think and feel about your food.

 A day JUST for you…no children…no chores!

 “ I will share nutritional nuggets and my professional chef secrets, in a relaxed and friendly environment. Join me for this fabulous day”

Do you…

  • Feel exhausted and fatigued most of the time?
  • Feel overwhelmed with responsibility?
  • Feel out of control of your eating and drinking?
  • Feel anxious and low and you don’t know why?
  • Confused by all the conflicting information on the right things to eat?
  • Find yourself eating that extra piece of cake or biscuits and feeling unable to stop?
  • Find yourself reaching for another glass of wine only to find the bottle is empty?
  • Find yourself yelling at the kids or partner for the smallest things?

Hi it’s Sam here

IMG_9619I have always thrived in a busy, stressful environment, cooking for celebrities and private clients. I regularly flew to the Caribbean and Europe to cook in their private villas. I also ran a busy cafe in a music studio in London and a thriving freelance catering business.

Then 5 years ago I had my first child and saying it was a shock to the system is an understatement. I felt overwhelmed and out of control. I had gained two stone in weight and was making poor food choices and drinking more wine than I should! 18 months later came my second child….

I tried to do it all! I carried on with work, looked after the house and cared for two children, my partner Chris was next on the list…but I was way down the list.
I was exhausted and had chronic insomnia caused by the stress – quite frankly I was falling apart and my health was failing fast. To make matters worse I was restricting my food and over exercising to try and loose the baby weight and get in shape, which was making me miserable!

I decided to sell my business and pursue my lifelong ambition for a career in Nutrition. Over the past year I have cleaned up my diet, lost all the weight and improved my health and well-being. I look and feel better than I did in my 20’s…and I am going to share my insights with YOU.

This workshop is for you if you want to…

  • Learn the science behind how the body naturally detox’s and how it impacts on your health and well-being.
  • Learn about the relationship between poor detoxification and mood and how it effects you and those around you.
  • Learn practical tips on making positive food choices.
  • Learn how to cook like a pro!
  • Have a fabulous healthy lunch cooked by a professional chef.
  • Meet new like-minded friends.
  • Learn some relaxation techniques to ease the stress.
  • Have some guilt free ME time….after all the whole family will benefit from your new found knowledge.

What you get…

  • An exciting day with TONS of practical advice and useful information.
  • Healthy snacks and drinks throughout the day.
  • A TASTY lunch cooked by a pro! Check out the menu here
  • New friends who are in the same boat!
  • POWERFUL tools that will change your life.
  • A day out…….just for YOU!
  • A beautiful folder including recipes, exercises and all materials from the day.

When and where…

18th April 2015 at the renowned Open Kitchen in Hoxton, East London.



And there is more…BONUSES!

  • Private FACEBOOK page to share your thoughts, recipes, challenges and successes.
  • 25% off a Diet Discovery Session.
  • 10% discount on a future workshop or consultation.
  • INVESTMENT… Only £150!
  • Early bird discount £120 if booked by
  • HURRY!!!!  Only 16 places available!







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